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Credit Assist is a market leading provider of global business information reports and credit management solutions. We are renowned for providing the highest levels of data integrity, comprehensive payment behaviour tracking, bespoke risk solutions and personalised customer service. Our service coverage is fully global and our competitive pricing structure provides the best overall 'value proposition' in the business credit information market.


Credit Assist was originally formed in 1989 by one of the largest asset leasing finance groups in the UK to provide Business Information and Credit Report data directly to their extensive customer base covering all market sectors and as an in-house credit management evaluation solution. Credit Assist was predominantly marketed alongside the core finance leasing proposition until a strategic decision was made for it to become a stand-alone entity in order to focus on developing the brand.

In 2003 Credit Assist was reconstituted by implementing a new management structure and focused direction which quickly ensured the company prospered as an independent entity. The product range has continued to be broadened and offers the very highest levels of data integrity and global coverage in the credit information market. Credit Assist's levels of customer satisfaction, advocacy and retention rates are among the very best in the UK for any business sector. The business has now evolved to become a bespoke IT solutions provider utilising its core data to be delivered in ways that clients request.

The overall value proposition that Credit Assist delivers is widely recognised as being second to none in the industry. Customers come from all market sectors and range from large global banks to independent sole traders.

Credit Assist History

Mission Statement

To be recognised as the most highly respected, customer focused and forward thinking supplier of credit and business information in the UK.

Vision Statement

To maintain a hard working, enjoyable, vibrant culture where employees are offered quality training and career progression.

To maintain excellence in service, operating in an ethical manner to create a business with a quality reputation.

To develop a business where all our team members operate towards a common goal via common business practices.

To develop a business with professional systems and procedures that operate in an efficient and effective manner.

To maintain a profitable business with strong recurring revenue and a positive cash flow.

To continually develop a close relationship with our key business partners.

To be recognised as a leading supplier of business information, measured by customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy levels.

To develop a leading brand that is synonymous with the supply of quality, up to date credit and business information and related services.

Credit Assist Vision Statement
Credit Assist Managing Director

Steve Kilsby

Managing Director

Director Statement

Credit Assist provides a market leading business information service, incorporating the very highest levels of data accuracy and risk predictiveness at competitive prices. This service is delivered to you online, 24/7, in bulk or individual report format. Our highly experienced and customer-focused management team ensure that client relationships are built on firm foundations and that our solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements.

Our ongoing investment in people and technology means that you will receive the best possible commercial advice and support. This is evidenced by the very high customer retention and advocacy rates that Credit Assist is proud to have established.

With a proven pedigree already in place we do not rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering an exemplary service in support of their credit management functions. Our purpose is to provide customers the peace of mind required to support decisions made so that our clients have confidence in running their businesses successfully and minimising the associated trading risks encountered.


Credit Assist strives to be the most trusted provider of credit information, delivering credit and business information solutions to some of the largest companies and industries in the UK.

In order to achieve this we need the highest calibre employees that seek to make a difference and exceed our customers' expectations, whether in Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Finance or Operations.

Credit Assist is a highly innovative and successful company to work for and we promote a positive work ethic and reward ambition

There are no specific positions presently advertised, however we would consider the possibility of creating a bespoke role for an entrepreneurial individual with knowledge of the Business Information Industry.

If you feel that you can make a positive contribution to the continued success of Credit Assist please email us with your CV at [email protected].

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