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Credit Consultancy & Training

Empower your credit control and sales teams to have the greatest understanding of financial data.

Managing a successful collections team involves having the best in class data coupled with exemplary knowledge and skills.

Credit Assist offers a number of training packages devised to increase collections and process efficiency.

Troubleshooting Consultancy

Our one day assessment review provides an analytical report with high-level actions to improve credit management effectiveness.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to, company credit policy, all related processes, sales ledger systems, management reporting, current debt situation, collections activity, staff training, dispute handling, credit risk levels, credit checking service, areas to be improved and how to implement change.

Staff Training

One and two day courses can be offered covering all aspects related to credit risk training. We can provide you with a comprehensive list of agenda items which can be tailored according to your preference.


We can help you to increase cash flow with reduced debtor days, improved cash flow forecasts and targets, increased profitability, streamlined and efficient processes. This can lead to increased staff moral and professionalism which in turn improves customer service.

White Labelling
White Labelling

Credit Assist is able to take the supply partnership a stage further by generating your own branded portal for the provision of credit report data which will enhance your product portfolio and generate an additional revenue stream. Invoicing to end users is directly from Credit Assist under your own brand.

Credit Insurance

If you are looking to expand your business into new markets or territories but are worried about the risk of non-payment or complicated collection and legal situations, a bespoke credit insurance policy could make perfect business sense.

A credit insurance policy will indemnify you following the insolvency or default of your trade credit customers and provide valuable information on potential new customers as well as existing accounts. It is a useful credit management tool that will enhance any existing credit control.

Credit Insurance
Customer Service
Customer Service
Our customer service experience includes:
  • A long-term relationship built on loyalty and trust.
  • A direct single point of contact for all your questions and needs.
  • Responding concisely and efficiently to all forms of communication from customers, being clear about what action will be taken and when.
  • Consulting our customers regularly to obtain feedback on our services and to use that feedback positively.
  • Good knowledge of process and requirements.
  • Assistance in training and setting up accounts.
  • Ensuring our staff are skilled, motivated and have at their disposal the resources to work to the highest standard.
Dedicated account management and customer service

As your company continues to grow a dedicated Account Manager is essential to support your team.

We are on hand to support you with dedicated training and customer service. We provide support via our help desk, email and telephone to assist with your queries and requirements.

At Credit Assist we partner our clients with a dedicated Account Manager for a personal and exceptional customer service experience.

This support includes initial account set up, system settings and user training to ensure our clients get the most from our platform and systems.