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Individually Tailored Service

Choose to have access to the full Credit Assist service package or discuss with your Account Manager a tailor-made individual package. Options include individual report packages with the ability for users to have different credit report and service solutions. Your account can be set up to have different levels of access for different users. These include bespoke report and service access levels, the ability to add customer account reference numbers and a case management functionality for adding individual comments for recording client engagement actions.

Bespoke Individually Tailored Service
Elements monitored for each company include
Out of Business Indicator Secured Filings Indicator
Company Name Financial/Legal Special Events Indicator
Trading Style Disaster Special Events Indicator
Address Operational Special Events Indicator
Town Other Special Events Indicator
Other Postal Town Failure Risk (Financial Stress) Score
Region Total Credit Exposure Limit
County Credit Limit
Post Code Headquarters Name
Country Parent Name
Chief Executive Domestic Ultimate Name
New Director Appointed Director Resignation
Payment Score Delinquency Score
Principal Name Global Ultimate Name
Legal Structure Business Structure
Total Employees Location Status
Failure Risk Score Override Latest Financial Statement Date
Criminal Indicator Shareholders Equity
Financial Embarrassment Indicator SP&L From Date
Suit(s) and/or Judgement(s) Indicator P&L To Date
Claims Indicator
Bespoke UK & Ireland Monitoring

Individually tailored monitoring profiles to meet every user's requirement. Credit Assist provides monitoring services on all companies across UK & Ireland with notification email alerts delivered daily or weekly. Monitoring data content can also be attached in a csv file so that information can be easily mined internally.

You can also set specific alert profiles by user with their own bespoke triggers. E.G. one user can switch on all alerts whilst another may only wish to know when a company has become high risk.

Individual monitoring profiles can be set up with separate ledgers so that you only receive alerts on specific profiles. E.G. your ledger can be split into sets of customers based on location so that regional credit mangers can monitor their own territories.

These elements may be tailored to suit your needs so that you only receive data notifications that are required. You can amend the severity of the change that you want to be notified about and you may receive a new report for any company every time there is a change of circumstance.

Marketing Data

The key to incremental business growth is to develop relationships with existing clients and also to find new customers. This process can be expensive and time consuming if you use inaccurate data and produce uncertain and costly results.

Credit Assist's core business is to provide company reports on over 342 million companies across 220+ countries Worldwide and we therefore hold extremely valuable and precise data for marketing purposes.

Bespoke Marketing Data
Bespoke Live Ledger Configuration
Bespoke Live Ledger Configuration

Live Ledger Analysis provides a comprehensive and cost-effective way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your entire ledger. Choose between the standard service or configure it to meet your individual needs with multiple ledgers including a master overview. Add additional financial data fields with options to include the Credit Limit review dates and automatic review date reminders.

Live Ledger Analysis confirms the very latest information on your customers and/or suppliers, provides a holistic view of their overall stability and also acts as an ongoing credit management notification system.

The process is straight forward - you provide us with a list of companies from your ledger and we create a detailed and accurate analysis of their financial metrics including risk ratings, credit scores, financial headline figures, directors' info, company structure and much more. Dashboards and reports enable you to easily identify how risk is distributed across your portfolio and who are likely to pay you in a timely or delinquent manner.

Live Ledger Analysis saves you having to access a downloaded report on your customers as it provides you with all the headline information via an easy-to-read table and risk overview. You can compare and analyse trends and patterns and focus on achieving a financially stable client base. This will also highlight any businesses that have changed their status.

Live Ledger Analysis is dynamically updated via a live data feed and monitored to keep you informed of the changing nature of your customer base. Each customer can also be added to our monitoring notification service so that you are pro-actively informed of any changes via daily or weekly email alerts.

Trade Insurance Review Date Solutions

Credit review date alert

An additional monitoring trigger gives you the ability to choose a default credit review date or custom date. An email alert is sent 7 days prior to the review date and 3 days before if the company's report has not already been accessed. There is an additional option to automatically download the company's credit report which is archived in your account and all review dates can be listed in the Live Ledger Analysis service.

This will ensure that you comply with your trade credit insurance policy which will in turn make sure that your insurance is not invalidated.

Bespoke bulk insurance credit limit review

We can process all your customers' periodic credit limit reviews in bulk thus saving you a significant amount of time and money. You submit a csv file with the company details and we will return all the relevant financials, scores and limits in an easy to analyse spreadsheet. We can also supply all your customers' latest credit reports in PDF format and archive them in your account for future reference and policy validation purposes.

Bespoke Trade Insurance Review Date Solutions
Bespoke Api Solution

In today's technology-based environment all businesses seek to streamline and automate processes in order to improve efficiency whilst maintaining stability.

Our automated credit reporting service via XML takes away the need for the manual creation of reports and can link directly with your internal IT systems. When you are generating large volumes of reports on a daily basis it can take up a significant amount of your time which could be used more effectively elsewhere.

Our IT team can assist you to fully integrate credit data into your Management CRM and/or accounting software. Selected fields can automatically be taken from information contained in our manual reports and saved within specific areas of your CRM or accounting software without the need for manual data entry.

The technique we use to do this is XML delivery. Via your IT infrastructure you can dial directly into our secure IT systems and information will be passed automatically to verify your access. The information required on each company can be automatically delivered directly into your system(s) via programmed requests.

The data supplied via our XML delivery is updated over 500,000 times per day and contains the most accurate and concise credit rating data.