Credit Assist is market leader for Business Information Reports and Credit Management Solutions.

Global Business Information Reports are provided on over 265 million international companies of all legal types covering over 220 countries. This is the most comprehensive global commercial database of its kind. Our Credit Reports are gathered in 135 languages or dialects, cover 167 monetary currencies and are refreshed 1.5 million times a day, with monitoring provided across 41 countries. Our service is supported by a personal customer service experience, which results in exceptionally high customer retention rates and advocacy levels. Website functionality, combined with competitive pricing and the highest levels of data integrity, result in Credit Assist providing the best overall 'value proposition' in the market. Report data can be provided individually online, in bulk format or electronically via an XML feed.

Credit Risk Management Solutions help to further support your business in mitigating the risks associated with trading. These services include Company Document Images, Credit Consultancy and Training for process mapping procedures, Online Payment System, Ledger Analysis and Monitoring, Credit Insurance, Marketing Data, Micro P&L Data and Country Economic Risk Reports.

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