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Credit Assist provides access to global business financial information and has the broadest coverage across the United Kingdom, Ireland and internationally. With immediate online access to global credit reports, Credit Assist collects data from the most comprehensive global commercial database of its kind. Our information is gathered in 135 languages or dialects, covers 167 monetary currencies and is refreshed 1.5 million times per day.

International Credit Report
Bespoke International Reports
Bespoke International Reports

Accessing business data is easier in some countries than others, for example in the UK there is Companies House which is a central repository for key business data. Many countries do not offer such a central repository which makes collecting and aggregating the data from different countries across the globe an enormous task.

In these countries we will conduct local investigations to deliver a freshly compiled bespoke report delivered electronically into your account in approximately three working days. These reports include company profiles, company ownership and management reports, legal status and history details as well as financials where possible and other business information covering all emerging and major markets. We also conduct searches on the various international sanctions lists, such as the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), the BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security), the European Union Restrictive measures (sanctions) list, the Export Control Organisation (ECO) of the UK and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

We ensure the complete, timely and accurate collection of data and present this in a logical and consistent manner to help international decision makers and credit managers manage their business risk effectively.

International Monitoring

Staying in tune with customers has always been a critical ingredient for achieving business growth. It's even more important for an international business to stay connected with its customer base overseas because shifts in trends are hard to gauge within individual markets.

Robust credit risk data is key and the integrity of information compiled in a report will help interrogate a business's financial strength and their ability to pay within terms. Once these steps have been taken, how do you monitor any critical changes that could occur and have an impact on your exposure?

Credit Assist provides international monitoring in many countries around the world and tracks Credit Scores, Credit Limits, Payment Scores & other critical events. This also provides a more cost-effective way to police overseas customers as multiple reports on the same entity do not have to be taken on a regular basis.

International countries where monitoring is available
Albania Greece New Zealand United Kingdom
Andorra Guadeloupe Norway United States
Austria Hong Kong Poland Australia
Ireland Russia Belgium Italy
Romania Bosnia & Herzegovina Japan San Marino
Bulgaria Latvia Serbia Canada
Liechtenstein Singapore Croatia Lithuania
Slovakia Czech Republic Luxembourg Slovenia
Denmark Macedonia Spain Estonia
Martinique Sweden Finland Monaco
Switzerland France Montenegro Taiwan
French Guiana Netherlands Turkey Germany
International Api Solution
API Solution

In today's technology-based environment all businesses seek to streamline and automate processes in order to improve efficiency whilst maintaining stability.

Our automated credit reporting service via XML takes away the need for the manual creation of reports and can link directly with your internal IT systems. When you are generating large volumes of reports on a daily basis it can take up a significant amount of time which could be used more effectively elsewhere.

Our IT team can assist you to fully integrate credit data into your CRM and/or accounting software. Selected fields can automatically be taken from information contained in our manual reports and saved within specific areas of your CRM or accounting software without the need for manual data entry.

The technique we use to do this is XML delivery. Via your IT infrastructure you can dial directly into our secure IT systems and information will be passed automatically to verify your access. The information required on each company can be automatically delivered directly into your system(s) via programmed requests.

The data supplied via our XML delivery is updated over 500,000 times per day and contains the most accurate and concise credit rating data.