Salescope Sample Report Salescope Sample


One of the biggest issues that Credit Managers face is building and maintaining good working relationships with their company sales team. All too often a sale will be processed without due consideration for the financial strength of the customer and hence the commercial consequence of trading is not fully understood. 

Salescope reports are designed to provide an overview of the potential customer in order to create greater empathy during the sales call and also to act as a commercial filter to ensure that a sales person is made aware of a high risk client. A Salescope report is not a full credit report with detailed financial analysis, it is a high-level summary to be used in the early stages of client interaction.

Once a sale has been completed, it would then be the duty of the Credit Manager to obtain a credit report in order to assess the full commercial risk and monitor ongoing trading activity.

Salescope reports include: Company Details, Risk Index, four year Financial Summary, CCJ Summary, Mortgage and Charge Details, Branches & Legal Structure, Shareholders & Operational Details, Directors & Appointments and SIC code.

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