Credit Reports UK


Credit Assist provides a wide range of Credit Management Solutions. Our core service is centred around the provision of business credit information on a global basis, which can be provided electronically either in bulk or individually.

A key component of our service proposition is the ability to provide automated connectivity which can link directly with your internal IT systems and remove the need to manually pull reports. This saves a considerable amout of time and creates a commercial filter early in the process of engaging with a new client. When you are generating large volumes of reports on a daily basis, this can take up a significant amount of your time which could be used more effectively elsewhere.

Our IT team can assist you to fully integrate credit data into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and/or Accounting Software. Selected fields can automatically be taken from information contained in our manual reports, and saved within specific areas in your CRM or Accounting Software, without the need for manual data entry.

The technique we use to do this is called XML Delivery. Via your IT infrastructure, you can dial directly into our secure IT systems and information will be passed automatically to verify your access. Information required on each company can be automatically provided directly to your system via programmed requests. The data supplied via our XML Delivery is updated over 500,000 times per day, and contains the most accurate and concise credit rating data. We are able to automate the supply of information on both Limited and Non-Limited companies in UK and Ireland. To view the technical documentation for the XML feeds please click here.

In addition to business credit data, Credit Assist provides a related range of solutions tailored to help protect businesses against incurring bad debt.

Credit Assist solutions are utilised by organisations across all market sectors, with particular penetration in the Financial, Legal, Manufacturing and Services sectors.

For more information or assistance please email our helpdesk or telephone 01604 217333.