Micro P&L Data  

Most financial business data in circulation focuses on headline P&L and Balance Sheet numbers. Credit Assist can now provide the component 'Micro' data items that lay behind headline numbers filed with Companies House, stretching back over the past 5 years. This provides you with complete clarity regarding aspects such as expenditure levels on individual goods or services purchased, true liquidity positions and the details of any assets or liabilities.

We can provide up to 2,500 different data elements covering the entire UK business universe. As these are factual figures they hold significant value to prospective marketeers or business analysts. This data can be used for a number of different purposes.

Marketing – you may wish to target companies with a significant expenditure on certain goods and services. We can hence provide a list of businesses, the key contact information and location, nature of business and how much they spend on a particular activity. Examples include expenditure on utility bills, insurance, IT, leasing, travel, hotels, vehicles, banking, investments, mortgages, pension deficits, etc.

Financial Analysis – if a business has an adverse risk rating we may be able to provide 'Micro' data that demonstrates where and why the business is actually weak, for example this could entail a negative cash-flow position or levels of high borrowing. 'Micro' data can be used for forensic accounting to provide evidence of actual costs incurred, mergers/acquisitions, business transfers/restructures, debt evaluation, etc.

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