Stuart Hopewell, Fujifilm UK’s Credit Manager, recently conducted a review of his credit information supply and invited Credit Assist and other suppliers to be part of a trial to evaluate their solutions and all round performance.

In the past Fujifilm UK has used Experian and Equifax alongside its SAP integrated supplier however Stuart was interested in conducting an exercise to find un-traced accounts, the accuracy of trading names and credit report ratings. He was looking for better coverage, payment data and more listings of Non Ltd., Sole Trader and Industrial Provident type organisations.

After evaluation, via a comparative test of each supplier’s service against un-matched company records from his existing supplier, he decided to sign with Credit Assist and stated that it ultimately came down to ‘hit rate’ and quality of data. Also during the trial he was impressed with Customer Service experience and knowledge of Credit Assist people.

Stuart Hopewell FICM

Credit Manager

Fujifilm UK Ltd